The Schools

Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School

Lake View is located near Jinja, Uganda, and its urban setting gives students great opportunity for life after school. Although it was founded in 1993 as a one-room schoolhouse, this school has grown tremendously through Holy Cross funding, currently serving 1,300 boarding students. Now ranked as one of Uganda's top 50 schools, Lake View has gained great prestige for its academic excellence.

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Holy Cross St. Joseph's Hill Secondary School

St. Joseph's Hill was founded in 1990 and is located in rural Kyarusozi, Uganda. With no city nearby, the school has undergone slow, steady growth from a one-room schoolhouse to a full campus educating 420 students, with 60% boarding. St. Joseph's Hill is both an O-level and A-level secondary school, serving students from ages 14 to 20. It is now ranked as the second best school in the district due to the investment of Holy Cross in its curricula and students.

Learn more at St. Joseph's Hill's website.


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Lake View, Jinja, Uganda
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St. Joseph's Hill, Kyarusozi, Uganda