Fundraising Efforts

Baraka Bouts By The Numbers

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How We Fundraise

  • The Baraka Bouts: our annual 3-night tournament is put on entirely for charity. We sell all-access tickets for $20 each, and once the cost of hosting the tournament is covered, every cent that we receive benefits the missions. We also offer organizations the option to place an ad in our tournament program for a fee which goes towards the missions.
  • Individual Efforts: each boxer is required to raise money to compete. Boxers must raise $250 in their first year boxing, $300 their second, $350 their third, and $400 their fourth year. Usually, this money is raised by sharing our cause with family, friends, professors, and more!
  • Fun Runs: every game weekend, our Friday afternoon practice is a "fun run" around campus. We stop in various busy locations and the large group does exercises and boxing drills while some boxers inform Notre Dame fans about our mission and collect donations. We often raise $500 or more in just an hour of running!
  • Fundraisers: we partner with local restaurants like Chipotle or Noodles & Co. for fundraisers, where we recieve a portion of their sales for the duration of the event. This is also a fun excuse for boxers to go get food together!
  • Power 12 Hour: every year, we have a 12-hour fundraiser outside the ND Bookstore on one game weekend Friday. Boxers work out, practice drills, sell merch, and collect donations in shifts all day long! This raises great awareness for our club, and we raised around $4,500 at our most recent Power 12 Hour.
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Baraka Bouts Tournament at Notre Dame
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Boxers before a Friday Fun Run
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Power 12 Hour fundraiser