Baraka Bouts is the most physically fit club on campus. If you don't believe us, attend one of our practices and see for yourself. Whether the day is targeting arms, abs, legs or full body - our coaches and professional trainers are guaranteed to get participants in shape for the bouts.

After weeks of conditioning and technical training, the women are ready to begin sparring. First spars begin with simple offensive and defensive drills and progress to full contacts spars that more closely resemble an actual bout. A coach and two medical assistants supervise every spar.

2023 Practice Schedule: Monday - Thursday 5-7pm,  Friday 4-6pm, Sunday 11am-1pm, Monday & Thursday 6:30-8am


After months of hard work, the women are ready for bouts. The tournament takes place over three nights with a quarterfinal bout, semi-final bout, and final bout. Participants box three rounds for one minute and 15 seconds each. Five judges determine the winner in each bout. Matches are determined according to height, weight and skill level to ensure an even bout.

2023 Bouts Dates: November 6th, 9th, and 15th, starting at 7:00pm